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This urge is pressing me to look backward before running ahead.

With all my traveling, I have a restless heart that yearns for many people and many places. Lately, two places have been relentlessly pulling on me. My heart has been in Croatia, wanting to speak in Croatian and sing loudly alongside Gibonni, wanting to know more about the war that fills my dreams and nightmares, and wanting to reconnect with people back there. My heart has been in California; wanting to get to know my family better; wanting to love them; and wanting simply to be around my grandparents, my cousins, my aunts, and my uncles.

I am unsure of how all these desires connect with my longterm dreams, but I am sure that I want to invest in what I know before jumping into the unknown. Flipping through the picture album might reveal some truths about the future. Or… maybe it’s just a beautiful adventure.

I am running backward.


I Am Running Hard and Fast

I am running hard and fast. With each passing mile I throw something else to the ground. With each passing tree I realize that I don’t need as much as I thought; it’s all just weighing me down. I’m not sure exactly where I’m going, but my eyes stay fixed on the sun. The heat of the sun fills me up with much, but especially one thing: hrabrost. Courage to run. Courage not to turn back. Courage not to retrieve my worries. Sometimes I feel uncertain, unsure, but the heat of the sun tells me He is with me. I am running hard and fast.