Today has been a day of complaining. At least, from my own mouth and thoughts complaints have been running wild. For the past couple days my left arm has been hurting, which in particular has made practicing piano hard. This morning I sat in class piano, pitying myself. I have to rest my arm frequently throughout the class and practice times, and it’s beginning to annoy me.

Then tonight, I went to what we call “Summit” here at IWU. As we sang some worship songs, I suddenly remembered: today is January 19th; today it’s been one year since I broke my elbow. Then I took notice of the song we were singing and realized that it was a song that had come to have special meaning to me last January. The line that has always stood out to me comes from the chorus: “I’m running to Your arms.”

A thought hit me: “I may not be able to run physically, at least not now. But always–always– I will be able to run into your arms, Jesus.” A grin spread my mouth wide. Physically I may be weak at times, but in and with Christ I am strong.

So what have I to fear?

The bridge of the song is the prayer I sing to God:

“My heart will sing
No other name
Jesus Jesus”